Central Office
Mikheil Benidze - Executive Director 
E-mail: mbenidze@isfed.ge


Tamar BartaiaDeputy Director 
E-mail: tamo@isfed.ge 

Ana Papuasvhili - Programs Manager
E-mail: apapuashvili@isfed.ge

Elene Nizharadze - Project Coordinator
E-mail: enizharadze@isfed.ge

Levan Dzneladze - PR and Communications Manager
E-mail: pr@isfed.ge

Tatia Kinkladze - Lawyer 
E-mail: t.kinkladze@isfed.ge

Nino Rizhamadze - Lawer
E-mail: n.rizhamadze@isfed.ge

Ana Tchiabrishvili - Researcher
E-mail: - atchiabrishvili@isfed.ge

Ana Andguladze - Researcher
E-mail: - a.andguladze@isfed.ge

Mariam Chubabria - Assistant of Executive Director
E-mail: m.chubabria@isfed.ge

Salome Sebiskveradze - Financial Officer

Teo Simonishvili - Assistant of Financial Officer
E-mail: tsimonishvili@isfed.ge

Paata Burduli - Accountant
E-mail: p.burduli@isfed.ge

Tamar Kirvalidze - Administrative Officer
E-mail: t.kirvalidze@isfed.ge

Rusiko Bitskinasvili - Housewife

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