Roundtable Discussion in Oni and Zugdidi

 On 19 and 21 November, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy has conducted roundtable meetings in Oni and self-governing city and community of Zugdidi with the representatives of local self-government bodies, in particular, the meetings were attended by the representatives of Sakrebulo, Gamgeoba and Mayor’s Office.

At the roundtable meeting was discussed the additional mechanisms of citizens participation in local self governance, the main purpose of which is to increase citizens’ involvement in local self government matters. At the meeting were discussed the need to create alternative forms of citizens involvement, competences of public councils, obligations of local government bodies, territorial scope of public councils, status, rules of establishment and structure.

Participants were actively engaged in the discussions and noted, that it is necessary and they welcome citizens’ active involvement in self governing processes.

The meetings were held within the project “Facilitating Creation of Additional Forms of Citizens’ Participation in Local Governance” implemented by the “Open Society – Georgia Foundation” together with partner NGOs.

The aim of the project is to prepare a new draft law on additional forms of citizens’ participation though consultation and maximum involvement of citizens, NGOs and representatives of local self- government bodies. The draft law will be presented to the government for the discussions in December. 


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