Statement about political party consultations on the Constitutional reform
On August 18, there will be consultations with the participation of the ruling and the opposition parties about the Constitutional Reform. Today’s consultations provide an opportunity to overcome the deadlock, which is commendable. 

We believe that a crucial issue in the Constitutional draft is transitioning to the proportional electoral system in 2020. The move to the proportional system was endorsed within the format of the Constitutional Commission, a full consensus was achieved among opposition parties and was welcomed by international organizations (including the Venice Commission) and Georgia’s partner states. 

Although there are a number of controversial issues in the draft of the Constitutional amendments, including provisions about the election of the president, about the judiciary and human rights, we believe that the first order of business is achieving a consensus about the parliamentary electoral system. Failing to do so and allowing the unfair electoral system to exist will result in a constitution adopted by a single party, which will incite a political confrontation, increase the tension between political parties, damage Georgia’s reputation, hinder its stable development and the process of approximation to Euro-Atlantic institutions. 

We urge the sides to act within the consultations in accordance with best interest of the country, instead of their narrow political interests. We believe that the ruling political party has a special responsibility to ensure positive conclusion of the process. We remain hopeful that the ruling party will make concrete steps for reaching a consensus. 

Transparency International – Georgia
International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED)
Civil Development Agency (CiDA)
Liberal Academy Tbilisi

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