Monitoring of Central Election Commission Salary Expenditures

International Society for Fair Elections and Democra- cy presents a report of monitoring salary expenditures (wages, bonuses and supplementary pays) made to the management team of the Central Election Commission of Georgia (hereinafter, ‘the Commission’ or ‘the CEC’), its members, staff and freelance workers.

Georgian electoral management body (EMB) is an admin- istrative body independent from other state bodies with- in the scope of its competencies. The EMB is responsible for ensuring fair and democratic elections, which are the cornerstone of any democratic state. In light of this, we believe that public may find salary expenditures made to members and employees of the Central Election Com- mission particularly interesting. Because of the impor- tant function of the EMB, compensation should ensure that in discharging their duties employees of the CEC remain fair and independent; on the other hand, com- pensation shouldn’t be unreasonably high, especially in light of the existing social situation in Georgia. Purpose of this report is to evaluate effectiveness of budget ex- penditures for compensating the CEC employees and to propose  subsequent  recommendations.

The monitoring was carried out on the basis of public in- formation provided by the Central Election Commission.


Monitoring of Central Election Commission Salary Expenditures 

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